Car parts and engine manufacturing

YiQi sourcing in collaboration with China SCDC manufacturing company, we manufactured a large number of car engines model JAC DB65003 for a big trucking company in the Middle East parts were successfully shipped and installed on each vehicle for a fleet of the local transportation company.

Whether it’s large or small projects our company tender based option where we source the same product from multiple factories and compare a range of prices

We build factories for small businesses

Aside from sourcing from factories ready-made products, we also provide sourcing a full factory to be built, shipped, and installed in customers’ locations for small or large businesses. Such as paper cup making factories, charcoal making factories, honey hives making factories, etc.

We help you to build factories in your own country to create a profitable and sustainable businesses

Full Custom order for Brand

In cooperation with AstroMeria Couture, YiQi has launched a successful supply chain of all the packaging and packing materials required for the brand along with essential marketing and advertising packages such as banners, boxes and etc. Delivered all over according to the customer’s locations.

luxury brands products packaging packing materials delivered 2 distribution centers all over the world.

High-Quality Metals & Pipelines

In the emerging world of computing energy markets, each resourcing has been provided by clients with a large order of pipeline for a construction project. shipping was a challenge and after much research and cooperation with the local transportation businesses the project was successfully completed

Bulk vessel shipping was used in the project for goods food products that are larger than a 40-foot container size

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